JInGEL was initiated in January 2016 with FESTO as industrial partner. The objective of the project was to transfer the Experience Lab of the TU Braunschweig to the demands of the Indian engineering education. It is aimed to develop new didactic approaches for research-oriented learning and create a flagship for the practice and problem-oriented learning at universities. FESTO, as industrial partner provided didactic learning systems and their product portfolio was adapted according to the demands of the Indian education system.


Programmable Logic Controller programming
Artificial Intelligence
Networking and database configuration
Augmented Reality
Lean Manufacturing tools
Pneumatics systems
Energy management systems


Learn by doing

Fused Deposition Modeling

Simplest method of additive manufacturing to start with for beginners.

Multi-Filament prototyping

Prototype products with gradient texture finish.

Quality Check

Study the factors affecting the quality of additive manufactured products and perform the process parameter optimization. 

Product design

Check the product design feasibility by quick prototyping with multi filament option.

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